Who We Are

It can be stressful trying to understand your tax obligations when you are working and living abroad as an expat. At Expat Taxes we can assist you in ensuring you are fully compliant.

We also provide advice tailored to your specific circumstances and income streams to ensure you get a clear understanding of how you are taxed. We recommend tax planning strategies where possible to ensure you claim all available reliefs and exemptions.

We work with  non-resident landlords who need help ensuring they keep their taxes up-to-date in Ireland to avoid unnecessary penalties and fines.

We assist returning and new emigrants who have recently moved by helping them understand how their foreign assets and income are taxed.

We advise remote workers who are living in Ireland but working for an overseas employer to ensure they understand their obligations in relation to Irish tax.

We can help you navigate the complexities of working and living across various jurisdictions and ensure that your tax affairs are fully compliant. We can prepare your Irish income tax return and ensure you are claiming all available reliefs and exemptions to minimise the tax owed. We can clarify your tax residency position, advise on your entitlement to relief from double taxation and provide advice on how you are taxed as an expat.

Additionally, if you require assistance with Tax Return Services in your home location we have partnered with Registered Tax Agents in the following locations:

We also offer Global Mobility Services for employers who need to relocate employees internationally.