How we can help?

We can save you time and money by providing expert tax advice specific to your circumstances!

We tailor our advice to your specific circumstances and income streams to ensure you get a clear understanding of how you are taxed. We recommend tax planning strategies where possible to ensure you claim all available reliefs and exemptions.

How we do it?

How the process looks:

  • Fill in the contact form

    Simply fill out this contact form to provide us with your personal details, your requirements and a brief overview of your personal circumstances.

  • We get in touch with you

    We will contact you within 48 hours (or sooner) to arrange a phone consultation and/or to provide more information to you about our services, and fee structure.

  • Tax Advice suited to your needs

    We arrange a tax consultation to go through your tax residency position, tax domicile, asset portfolio and personal affairs. We can then provide advice tailored to your personal circumstances, ensuring you take advantage of all available reliefs and exemptions. Written advice can also be provided.

  • Hassle-Free Online Tax Returns (if required)

    Taxes, without the headache! Your Tax Adviser will work with you to ensure your tax return is accurate and uncovers all the best opportunities for savings and deductions.

  • Draft Tax Return for your review

    We complete your draft Irish tax return and send it to you to review. We outline clearly what taxes are due to be paid and by when. We can also arrange payment of the amount of tax due directly to the Revenue Commissioners from your bank account.

  • You’re Done!

    Once you have signed your tax return and payment of the taxes due has been arranged we lodge the tax return on your behalf. We will also periodically send you Expat Tax updates that may be of interest to you.

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Our Partners

Additionally, if you require assistance with Tax Return Services in your home location we have partnered with Registered Tax Agents in the Australia, Canada, UK, United States and Netherlands.

We offer a coordinated approach with our overseas partners to reduce the stress for you caused by managing taxes in multiple locations.

We also offer Global Mobility Services for employers who need to relocate employees internationally.