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Where an individual is relocating to Ireland  from the US  it is worth getting good tax advice as there are generally both Irish and US tax issues to consider.

The remittance basis of taxation may be beneficial for foreigners coming to Ireland. We always recommend advice be taken is advance of any planned move.

We partner with US expatriate tax specialists who are registered IRS tax agents and who can assist with the following services:

  • U.S. Expatriate individual income tax preparation including state returns.
  • U.S. Expatriate – Review Foreign Earned Income Exclusion qualifications and foreign tax credit elections.
  • Foreign National to the U.S. individual income tax preparation including state returns.
  • Foreign National – Review of residency and optimal filing status.
  • Review state residency requirements and advise on continuing filing obligations.
  • Review and advise on U.S. filing elections such as reviewing country income tax treaty agreements.
  • Personal income and deduction analysis for tax structuring.
  • U.S. Streamlined Filing assistance.

Tax advisory services tailored to US citizens can also be provided as follows:

  • Domestic and international Social Tax planning and advice
  • Retirement tax planning
  • Global Independent Contracting Advisory
  • Withholding tax calculations and assistance with U.S. payroll forms
  • We also offer a 3 way consultation to address US and Irish cross-border tax issues simultaneously.