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What are the issues to consider when returning to Ireland to set up a business?

What are the issues to consider when setting up business in Ireland? Sole trader versus company?

By admin_et | June 4, 2020

Where am I tax domiciled? How to work out if you are Irish domiciled

Domicile Domicile is a complex legal concept which has several critical implications for Irish taxation. Domicile is the country which is considered a person’s permanent home and is distinct from legal nationality

By admin_et | May 23, 2020

Remote working in Ireland for overseas employer – should you pay Irish tax?

We often are approached by clients who need assistance with their taxes when they are working remotely for an overseas employer. They are confused. Where should they pay tax? What if the

By admin_et | May 15, 2020

Am I Irish tax resident?

A summary of the implications of Irish tax residency

By admin_et | April 19, 2020

Global Mobility Series: Relocating employees internationally – when Tax and HR collide – Part 1

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the tax issues for consideration when an employee is relocating internationally on a temporary basis and to highlight the common pitfalls made by Tax and HR managers.

By admin_et | June 8, 2020


By admin_et | May 29, 2020

Irish International Business Network newsletter

See below our interview with the Irish International Business Network newsletter – we were honoured to be interviewed. Expat Taxes & Special Rates to IIBN Members on Professional Consulting & Compliance Managing

By admin_et | April 13, 2020

Back for Business

We are delighted to have been chosen by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to take part in this year’s round of “Back for Business” . This program aims to foster

By admin_et | March 19, 2020

What taxes do landlords pay?

Tips for landlords to help you stay compliant and minimise your tax bill So given we are into a New Year it is a good time to start thinking about getting your

By admin_et | January 4, 2020

Marketing tips – toolkit for success

A great afternoon was spent recently at the January meeting of Network Ireland Waterford Branch. Muireann Fitzpatrick from marketingcoach.ie ran a fantastic seminar “Marketing Toolkit 2020”. Many Irish expats abroad are returning

By admin_et | January 4, 2020