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Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

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We offer a variety of services to support our Corporate Clients with their Global Mobility requirements, including:

  • Tax arrival and departure briefings for assignees to ensure they understand the Irish tax issues arising on their assignment;
  • Advice on employer PAYE registration requirements;
  • Assignment policy reviews (e.g. tax equalisation policy);
  • Special Assignee Relief Programme eligibility for assignees coming to Ireland;
  • PAYE Exclusion Order applications;
  • Applications for A1 forms and Certificates of Coverage;
  • Shadow Payroll calculations where ‘gross-up’ calculations are required;
  • Double Tax Relief claims;
  • Foreign Earnings Deductions claims;
  • Eligibility for Cross Border relief;
  • Confirming Social Security obligations for employee and employer;
  • Relocation package reviews to ensure packages are structured tax efficiently;

We have extensive experience advising corporate clients on the issues to consider when sending employees to work overseas. We tailor our service to the requirements of each individual case and client.