Have you worked remotely in Ireland for your UK employer?

Have you worked remotely in Ireland for your UK employer?

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We work with many clients who are working remotely for their UK employer since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic.

There are many issues to consider such as:

  • triggering Irish tax residency;
  • breaking UK tax residency;
  • liability to Irish income tax on your employment income;
  • liability to UK income tax on your employment income;
  • PAYE withholding obligations for your employer in Ireland;
  • determining whether a withholding obligation remains in the UK;
  • PRSI and NIC issues; and
  • eligibility for relief under the Double Tax Agreement between Ireland and the UK.

Additionally, a remote worker needs to consider the tax issues arising when Irish tax residency is triggered with respect to their non-employment income e.g. UK rental income.

We have worked with many individuals to explain simply how they and their employers can comply with the tax obligations relating to their new working arrangements.

It is exciting to announce that we have partnered with our UK colleagues to offer advice and consultations for clients who need Irish and UK tax consideration for their remote working arrangement (Laura Sant of CA Tax International)

Additionally, we also offer international relocation and global mobility tax services where an employer wants to relocate an employee with consideration to each of the issues outlined above.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a 3-way consultation to address the Irish and UK tax issues to consider with respect to your remote working arrangement.

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